Intuitive Services

One of our specialties at Gemological Esoterica is matching the right stone or stones for a persons needs. Everyone vibrates at a different rate & each crystal or mineral does also. Sometimes a person needs to boost their own vibration, sometimes they need to channel off some of their own energies.  Sometimes a person needs a combination of stones or crystals to adjust several aspects of their lives.

Through matching the correct stones & crystals to a person we can help with problems like insomnia, psychic protection, depression, low energy levels & lack of concentration, to name just a few.

We offer a Mineral Energy Matching Service, which is as follows:

You may either sit down with, call or email Sandy with your problem or concern.

Through tapping into your individual energy signature, Sandy will assess your crystal needs & recommend stones to help you achieve your goals or desires. You do not have to be in her presence for her to do this.

Some issues need a simple stone to begin to balance you, other issues need more unusual or multiples of stones.  She will always try to match the best stones to your needs.

Gemological Esoterica has stones for purchase to both wear, as jewelry, or carry with you.

Sandy is also adept at making Stone Energy Essences that you spray into your energy field, bedroom or put into a bath. This is beneficial for people who cannot wear or carry a particular crystal or if it is too expensive for you to purchase.

As a master wire artist, Sandy can also make many of your stones or crystals into beautiful jewelry to wear or give as gifts.

Please contact us for pricing.

As always, we encourage you to work with your health practitioner. Stones are no substitute for qualified medical or psychological care. Please, always see you health care practitioner first.